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People left dangling upside down on amusement park ride

About 30 people were rescued from an amusement park in Oregon, according to Portland Fire and Rescue, after one of the rides got stuck and left them dangling upside down. "I feel bad for them... It's so scary," said an ...
/ BBC World

Putin peace terms slammed as Ukraine summit begins

The leaders of Italy and Germany have strongly rejected ceasefire terms laid out by Vladimir Putin to stop the war in Ukraine, as dozens of countries gathered at a summit in Switzerland to discuss ending the conflict.Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia ...
/ BBC World

Eight Israeli soldiers killed in Rafah operation, IDF says

Eight Israeli soldiers were killed in a blast in southern Gaza on Saturday, Israel’s military said, the deadliest incident for the army in the war since January.The soldiers were in an armoured vehicle that was hit by a major explosion ...
/ BBC World

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