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(Powered by Nasdaq) News Commentary New York, NY (7/20/2022) – Recycling and waste management play an important role in the fight against climate change. Solid waste directly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions through the generation of methane from the anaerobic decay of waste in landfills, and the emission of nitrous oxide from our solid waste combustion facilities. […] The post A Changing Climate Places New Importance on Comprehensive Waste Management appeared first on Markets & Headlines. Read More News Commentary New York, NY (7/7/2022) – The Internet of Things (IoT) market is rapidly evolving. By and large, it is thanks to advanced principal technologies and a proliferation of smart connected devices, which have helped fuel the growth of IoT technologies. Further growth in the coming years will be possible thanks to new […] The post Connectivity Services Thrive as 5G Technology Rapidly Advances appeared first on Markets & Headlines. Read More News Commentary New York, NY (7/6/2022) – The global telecom market is highly fragmented. Generally, it consists of sales of telecom goods and services by entities that provide communication hardware equipment for the transmission of voice, data, text and video. The telecoms market also includes manufacturers’ sales of goods such as GPS equipment, cellular […] The post Breakthroughs in 5G Tech Reshape the Data Connectivity Marketplace appeared first on Markets & Headlines. Read More

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