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Are Meat Producers Off the Menu?

VIDEO: Millions of people have abstained from meat for Veganuary, but should our investment portfolios be meat-free too? Sustainalytics' Jessica ...
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Bonds for China Investors

China is typically thought of as a place for growth investors, but could the region also be a solid choice ...
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Why Investing Isn't Gambling

The GameStop bubble has been fun to watch, but don't put your savings on the line trying to guess what ...
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What is Private Equity?

Private equity has a vital role to play in funding UK companies but the sector is often misunderstood by investors ...
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What's Going on With GameStop?

As GameStop's share price soars, we explain what a short squeeze is and how it works ...
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(Powered by Nasdaq) News Commentary New York, NY (11/07/2022) – The e-commerce market continues to grow exponentially. According to data provided by Shopify, two years ago, only 17.8% of sales were made from online purchases. That number is expected to reach 21% in 2022, a 17.9% increase in e-commerce market share over two years. Growth is expected […] The post E-Commerce Solutions Grow in Popularity Around the World appeared first on Markets & Headlines. Read More News Commentary New York, NY (11/7/2022) – Presently, the medical cannabis sector accounts for a majority of the market share, as progress is slowly being made in removing the stigmas associated with such products. Overall, the legal cannabis market is permeating throughout the U.S. states and is helping to create a multi-billion-dollar industry. While […] The post The Constant of the Cannabis Market Generates Need for Intoxication Detection Devices appeared first on Markets & Headlines. Read More News Commentary New York, NY (11/7/2022) – The electrification of vehicles is still in its infancy stage, and it is projected to attract a significant volume of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are heavily adopted due to their compact size, rechargeability, recyclability and high-density energy output. As a result, such batteries are largely used in […] The post Demand for Lithium Buoyed by the Growing Electrification of Vehicles appeared first on Markets & Headlines. Read More

    As Elon Musk clears Twitter Inc.'s conference rooms to install beds for his workers, he is looking to make a buck on the office equipment that is no longer needed. Read More, a popular crypto exchange known for an ad featuring Matt Damon, becomes the latest platform to release a 'proof-of-reserves' page in bid to calm nervous investors. Read More

    Carvana junk bonds rally off their worst levels Friday, but their deeply distressed levels continue to reflect steep concerns about a potential bankruptcy. Read More

    Apple Inc. is promising to limit its use of nondisclosure agreements and clarifying its policies on employees' right to speak out in cases of discrimination and harassment after shareholders pressured the company about its practices. Read More

    The bear market in stocks and rapid inflation eroded the real wealth of American households during the first three quarters of 2022. Read More

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